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Trowel Splitstone TS-242E
Trowel Splitstone TS-242E
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Trowel Splitstone TS-244
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If you often work with concrete surfaces, trowel is indispensable.

This equipment is used for leveling, smoothing and grouting hardening layers for the purpose of their subsequent processing.

The concrete grinder operates in two modes: as a rough surface treatment using a disc, as well as a finishing grout using trowel blades.

Splitstone brand equipment can operate outdoors at temperatures from -10 to 40 degrees above zero.

Why Pros Choose Splitstone Trowels

Smoothing equipment is otherwise called "concrete helicopter" - this is due to the specifics of the tool.

With its blades, it literally twists on the surface, causing the concrete to harden.

Splitstone trowels are chosen for several reasons:

  • Original Honda engines. Japanese quality - sensors with oil level measurement are implemented in the design of the unit.
  • Folding type carrier. The equipment can be stowed compactly, which greatly simplifies the process of its transportation.
  • Safe rubber buffer. When working along walls, columns and other kinds of obstacles, you will be reliably protected by a barrier fence.
  • Abort function. If the carrier is lowered below a certain level, the engine will turn off automatically.
  • Possibility to adjust the angle of inclination up to 30 degrees. The blades will be able to polish even the most hard-to-reach areas.

If you want to forget about the problems when processing concrete floors forever, we recommend buying a trowel from the Splitstone brand.

Engineers have achieved the tightest possible contact between the blades and the working surface, thanks to which it was possible to significantly improve the quality of the grout.

More about the functionality of Splitstone power trowels

Splitstone concrete grouting machines can be used not only at production facilities, but also in ordinary apartments - they operate on a standard voltage of 220 volts.

Depending on the specifics of the work, indoor and outdoor options are available.

Splitstone smoothing machine can work in two modes:

  • Rough grouting the surface with discs. It is permissible to carry out such work immediately after the poured concrete has begun to harden and it is already possible to walk on it.
  • Surface grinding. It is carried out at the final stage, when the concrete surface is fully strengthened. Trowel blades will effectively eliminate all irregularities, as well as add strength to concrete.

In addition, the equipment is actively used for the preparation of screeds for the subsequent installation of floor coverings.

Selection criteria

Though trowels are designed to perform the same tasks, they differ significantly in their capabilities.

So, when choosing, it is important to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Working conditions. Some models can only be used indoors, while others are designed to work in open areas.
  • Disk rotation speed. The higher this indicator, the more productive the unit will be.
  • Engine power. To work on a small area, you can get by with low-power equipment, but for processing large parking lots and industrial warehouses, it is advisable to use equipment with a solid power reserve.

If you have any questions, we will consult you on technical aspects in person.

What we offer

At Berinaprokat you can purchase a power trowel to perform tasks of any complexity.

Working with us is easy and convenient:

  • a wide range of different models with unique technical characteristics;
  • official warranty from the manufacturer;
  • professional advice on the choice of a particular model;
  • prompt processing of the application - all models are already in stock in our warehouse;
  • delivery service - within the Moscow region we will deliver the equipment on our own.

You can buy a power trowel in Moscow from an authorized dealer on the website, as well as by calling the contact phone number.

For the convenience of customers, you can pay for the goods in any convenient way.

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