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Trowel Splitstone TS-244

with Loncin engine: 56941 RUB

with Honda engine: 79664 RUB

Designed for grouting, smoothing and leveling concrete on the verge of surface hardening. It is also used for hardening, the so-called topping. It is used in temperate climates outdoors.

Model TS-244

Smoothing disc diameter 600 mm

Tool speed 120 min^-1

Motor model Loncin G160F (4,8HP)

Motor power 3.6 kW (4.8 hp)

Dimensions: L 1610 mm x W 615 mm x H 1055 mm

With folded carrier: L 1035 mm x W 615 mm x H 1095 mm

Weight: 72 kg

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