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Sale of equipment

One of the most difficult tasks in the construction process is the selection of suitable equipment.

For more than 10 years, Berinaprokat has been renting specialized tools for construction work of any complexity.

Over the years of our activity, we have come to the conclusion that for many clients it is more profitable to fully buy out used equipment than to renew its lease each time - that is why we are opening a new section for the sale of construction tools.

Our experts will help you choose the right equipment, as well as answer any questions regarding the functionality of a particular model.

We work with both large construction companies and private craftsmen.

Assortment of equipment for sale

The product catalog contains a wide selection of construction tools from Russian and foreign manufacturers.

We offer multidisciplinary equipment for commercial construction - with our tools you can easily build or reconstruct any objects: private summer cottages, cottages, high-rise buildings, etc.

We are the official dealer of Splitstone, providing full warranty support for the equipment sold.

Available in assortment:

  • Vibrating plates. They are used for soil compaction and tamping of road surfaces - not a single large construction site can do without this equipment.
  • Grinding machines. They are used for processing wooden blanks, plastic, metal, stone - for each material it is necessary to purchase equipment of the appropriate class.
  • Seam cutters. Used to make expansion joints, perform demolition work and repair roads - an extremely important tool in the builder's arsenal.
  • Roof cutters. They are used for laying layers of roofing and insulating materials - it is almost impossible to build a high-quality roof without this equipment.
  • Milling machines. Suitable for leveling the concrete floor, removing excess layer, as well as updating the road surface.
  • Power Trowels. Specialized equipment for working with concrete surfaces - allows you to quickly and efficiently process the top layer of concrete.

The equipment presented in our catalog is certified and comes directly from the manufacturer with an official warranty.

Why buy equipment from us?

Berinaprokat is not just a company.

First of all, this is a team of qualified specialists who know their business exactly and are well versed in the specifics of construction equipment and small-scale mechanization.

That is why we select only the most popular and popular models of professional equipment for our customers.

Purchasing our products, you can be sure of their quality and reliability.

Working with us is profitable:

  • Internal control over the condition of goods. We do not buy second-rate products - responsible specialists check the functionality of the equipment on site and before selling.
  • After-sales service. If for some reason the equipment fails, our service center will carry out warranty repairs as soon as possible.
  • Professional help in choosing. If necessary, our managers will help you decide on the appropriate model of equipment.
  • Convenient location. We are located in the center of the intersection of logistics routes - you can reach us without any problems.
  • A wide range. The range of offered equipment is constantly updated - we always monitor the market and choose only the best products for you.
  • Regular seasonal promotions and special offers. Being a regular customer of our company is profitable. You will be the first to know about ongoing promotions and sales.

Over the years of work, we have carefully studied the construction tools market and selected the most efficient equipment for you.

We understand that construction is already expensive, so we try to ensure the minimum margin for all categories of goods.

Close cooperation with manufacturers, as well as cost savings, allow us to achieve competitive prices for the products offered.

You can buy construction equipment directly on the site, as well as through the sales department by calling the contact phone number.

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