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Roof cutter Splitstone CR 146
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 146
66097 RUB
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 149
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 149
83586 RUB
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 1413
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 1413
113666 RUB
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 144 E
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 144 E
81049 RUB
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 147 E
Roof cutter Splitstone CR 147 E
90498 RUB

Buy a roof cutter in Moscow

Even the highest quality soft roof covering has its own resource and margin of safety.

In case of wear or critical damage to the material, it must be replaced immediately.

The first step in this process is the removal of the old roof.

Doing it manually is time consuming, difficult and expensive.

The best option is to buy a roof cutter.

With this equipment, the work will be done quickly, cleanly and with minimal financial costs.

Features of the roof cutter

Products are designed for making deep longitudinal cuts in roofing cake containing materials of any composition and density.

The separation of the coating is done cleanly, without torn edges, with a minimum amount of debris and waste.

Roof cutters have such a device:

  • universal steel frame with wheels;
  • power plant in the form of an electric or gasoline engine;
  • torque transmission mechanism;
  • cutting unit, which is a diamond-coated disc;
  • setting, adjustment and control system.

With a weight of 80-200 kg, the units develop a power of 3-11 hp. (4-10 kW) and produce a web speed of up to 3600 rpm, cutting through the roof covering to a depth of 90 mm.

The rate of penetration depends on the type of cutter, the power of the product and the cutting parameters.

On average, this figure is 50-100 m / min.

Advantages of Splitstone equipment

The equipment was developed in Russia and maximally adapted to the characteristic conditions inherent in its operating environment.

Roof cutters are unpretentious to weather conditions, fuel quality, and are protected from inevitable operator errors.

In addition, Splitstone brand products have the following advantages:

  • Universal platform. The frame can be used to mount electric motors, as well as Honda, Loncin and Lifan gasoline engines. This makes it possible to quickly adapt to work in various conditions in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Large margin of safety and reliability. Products are designed for operation at extremely high and low temperatures. An efficient filtration system allows you to work with low quality fuel. There is protection against overheating and short circuit.
  • Ability to use cutters of any type. The cutting parts of the canvases not only easily separate the roof covering, but are also not damaged when in contact with the metal and concrete of the floor slab. The blades spread apart leave a seam of sufficient thickness so that a gripping tool can be easily inserted into it.
  • Ease of use. The frame has brackets for loading and unloading. The device is easily controlled by the handle, the cutting line is clearly maintained thanks to the pointer.
  • Affordable cost. With a high level of technical characteristics, the price of Splitstone brand equipment compares favorably with foreign analogues.

As a positive point, we can note the developed network of service centers of the company, as well as a wide range of spare parts and consumables in retail outlets throughout the country.

The advantages of buying a roof cutter from us

If you need to buy a roof cutter in Moscow, then you have come to the right place. With a large selection of equipment, we also announce the lowest prices in the region.

Cooperation with our store has the following advantages:

  • Direct deliveries of goods directly from manufacturers. This is a guarantee of quality and originality of the product. Also, the absence of intermediaries has a positive effect on the cost of equipment and components.
  • A wide range of equipment. You can choose exactly the model and set of consumables that best ensure the effective implementation of the task.
  • Availability of technical support. Competent consultants of the company are well versed in all the nuances of the device and operation. Experts will help you choose the right model for a particular job, reveal the nuances and features of its operation.
  • Prompt delivery to any region of Russia. All necessary documents and a warranty card are attached to the product.

You can pay for the order in any convenient way, in cash or by card.

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