Buy road construction equipment Splitstone

Splitstone is a manufacturer of road and construction equipment that offers a wide range of equipment for road maintenance and construction.

Our motto is "High quality at a bargain price!".

Splitstone is a well-known manufacturer in Russia, a market leader in Russia, as well as in the CIS countries.

The three-dimensional red triangle is the manufacturer's distinguishing mark, registered in 1998.

Today the company is a symbol of the highest quality.

Technical literacy, discipline, learning ability, contact are the qualities of Splitstone employees.

Best offers from the manufacturer

Now Splitstone offers a wide range of construction equipment for every taste and according to your financial capabilities.

The most popular ones:

  • Vibrating plates. Suitable for compacting soil, asphalt, bulk materials.
  • Seam cutters. Ideal for cutting technological and structural grooves in asphalt. Allows spot work.
  • Mosaic grinders. They help to remove the marking material while maintaining the integrity of the canvas, level concrete surfaces, prepare the kidney for asphalt laying.
  • Soft roof cutters. Remove soft layers of old roofing material, glassine, bitumen, roofing felt.
  • Crack separators. Suitable for grouting straight and curved cracks in roads.
  • Diamond Tools. They are used for rough peeling, eliminating the influx and large differences in heights on the roads.

All products of this manufacturer are of exceptional quality, and they are made using high-quality components from leading manufacturers.

High-quality design, many tests over 15 years - the opportunity to call yourself a leader among many manufacturers of modern construction equipment.

Quality service, constant supply of spare parts makes many choose this company.

Why buy a Splitstone from us?

By contacting us, you will get access to a wide range of road and construction equipment of the highest quality, which will allow you to efficiently and efficiently carry out road construction and repair work.

In addition, the Splitstone dealer provides professional advice on the selection of equipment and guarantees quality service.

You can be sure of the durability and reliability of equipment from Splitstone.

And if you encounter a breakdown during use, a quick and high-quality repair of equipment will allow you to return to the previous operating mode and complete what you started on time.

Our advantages are:

  • A wide range of high quality road construction equipment.
  • Professional advice on the choice of equipment.
  • Quality service guarantee.
  • Reliability and durability of the entire range of equipment.

Many suppliers of budget imported equipment are mainly focused on sales and minimal, and often complete lack of spare parts.

In particular, this applies to new companies offering cheap equipment, which, as a result, turns out to be disposable.

Of course, each person decides how much money he is willing to spend on a purchase.

But it is better not to save on such equipment, as in the future it promises problems with spare parts, it may be difficult to repair, or there will be a need for constant maintenance.

Our organization will help you quickly buy or service equipment.

You can get a full consultation or solve a problem by clicking on this link.

You can contact us to purchase the equipment you need or get detailed advice on its choice.

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