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Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 122G
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 122G
165520 RUB
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 122 (2.2 kW)
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 122 (2.2 kW)
102455 RUB
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 122 (4.0 kW)
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 122 (4.0 kW)
103522 RUB
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 245 (5.5 kW)
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 245 (5.5 kW)
171116 RUB
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 245 (7.5 kW)
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 245 (7.5 kW)
175804 RUB
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 2411 HIPPO
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 2411 HIPPO
318193 RUB
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 4811 Grab
Mosaic grinder Splitstone GM 4811 Grab
318193 RUB

Buy a mosaic grinder in Moscow

Of the variety of models and brands of mosaic-grinding equipment present on the Russian market, our company has chosen and recommends to its customers the MShM of the domestic brand Splitstone.

We believe that the build quality, reliability and performance of this brand's concrete, stone and mosaic flooring machines are far superior to those of any other manufacturer in the world.

In this regard, for each interested client who has decided to buy a mosaic grinder, our consultants will select and offer the optimal characteristics of the Splitstone brand MShM.

Statistical data show that from 50% to 70% of the total volume of concrete floor processing in Russia is carried out using the equipment of this particular brand.

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It is important to know: all the original technical solutions underlying the design of the Splitstone GM series grinders have been developed by the company's specialists and are patented.

In order to meet the needs of the market as much as possible, users are offered four lines of Splitstone mosaic-grinding and mosaic-cutting equipment.

This is:

  • GM-122 - single-traverse models capable of processing a 30 cm wide section of the floor in a pass.
  • GM-245 are two-traverse machines that allow grinding the floor in a 60 cm wide area with each pass.
  • GM-2411 — a line of four-traverse models with a grinding zone width of 60 cm.
  • GM-4811 are four-traverse machines capable of processing the floor in a 120 cm wide area in one pass.

In addition to concrete grinding machines with electric drive from household and industrial electrical network 220 and 380 V, the company has released based on an efficient gasoline engine.

This variant of the MSM is indispensable if the buyer has to work on non-electrified facilities,

Most often, customers finally decide to buy a Splitstone brand mosaic concrete grinder after reading the technical data of the model they are interested in.

Due to the uniquely high strength of the tool, the absence of vibrations and excessive shock loads on the mechanism, ТМ Spletstone machines are almost three times superior to competitors' equipment in terms of performance.

Benefits of Buying a Mosaic Grinder

In the process of work, owners and operators of mosaic grinders will be able to verify in practice the perfect and carefully designed design of the purchased units.

The claimed operational advantages of the SSCM are based on the following design features of the Splitstone technique:

  • The absence of vibrations and runout of the abrasive tool due to the precise balancing of traverses and frankfurts.
  • Uniquely high performance machines achieved by increasing the pressure of the abrasive on the surface using a system of removable weights.
  • Protection of tools from impact, provided by the presence of a special elastic element in the traverse.
  • The possibility of switching the rotation speeds of the traverses of the GM-245 (5.5) traverses of the GM-245 model range by reinstalling the pulleys on different shafts.
  • The presence of adapters with a diameter of 5 cm for connecting a vacuum cleaner, as well as a special cavity in the shaft for feeding into the zone working Frankfurt water.
  • Thoughtful protection of electrical components that protect the machine from damage in case of exceeding the permissible thermal load, leakage current or short circuit.
  • Possibility of almost instantaneous replacement of worn frankfurters thanks to a special patented fastening of abrasive dovetail segments.
  • The minimum size of "dead" untreated zones (no more than 1.5 cm from the edge of the machine adjacent to the vertical obstacle).
  • The ability for the operator to set up a polishing tool for finishing marble and similar materials.
  • On machines with a single crosshead, the function of adjusting the transport wheels to compensate for the wear of the grinding tool.

This is not a complete list of technical innovations used in the design of the Splitstone MSM.

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