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Milling machine (multi-blade cutter) Splitstone MCS-613
Milling machine (multi-blade cutter) Splitstone MCS-613
238041 RUB
Milling machine (multi-blade cutter) Splitstone MCS-615E
Milling machine (multi-blade cutter) Splitstone MCS-615E
249727 RUB

Buy a milling machine in Moscow

Concrete flooring doesn't always turn out as smooth and even as you'd like it to be.

And sometimes the surface is so uneven that a regular mosaic grinder simply can't cope.

To remove an impressive layer of concrete, disk milling machines are used - they can remove up to 30 mm of material, ensuring uniform alignment of the entire surface.

Our assortment includes models of the Splitstone brand - reliable equipment from a domestic manufacturer.

Possibilities of Splitstone milling machines

Every builder knows that the durability of the building directly depends on the quality of the work performed.

If you level the floors with an unreliable and “rough” installation, they can be deformed, and bumps will remain on the surface anyway.

This problem is especially relevant when the difference between the layers reaches 20-30 mm.

The way out of the situation is simple - use a professional disk milling machine.

Splitstone brand equipment is chosen for a number of reasons:

  • Wide processing area. Such models involve the simultaneous installation of 17 independent disks at once - the total surface coverage reaches 290 mm. This allows you to work effectively on objects with a large area.
  • Improved performance. The maximum processing depth is 30 mm - far from every professional equipment can boast of such indicators.
  • Using diamond discs up to 150 mm in diameter. The simplest and most effective option is the easiest to work with such disks. The concrete milling machine is capable of handling even the toughest deposits.
  • Economic fuel consumption. The equipment consumes only 3.5 l / h, while providing a large surface area.

Engineers have designed the Splitstone milling machines to withstand the high pace of work.

To reduce the amount of dust generated, water is actively supplied to the working area - for this, a capacious tank was introduced into the design of the equipment.

The equipment presented in our catalog was designed to perform specialized tasks that classical grinding technology simply cannot cope with.

These include:

  • working with hard surfaces;
  • ensuring the intensity of the workflow;
  • achieve perfect surface evenness in each area;
  • the need to strengthen the concrete structure.

In the construction of the equipment, high-quality and durable materials were used - the manufacturer provides an official guarantee for its models.

Splitstone milling machine meets all modern quality standards.

Why buy equipment from us

Berinaprokat is a company with a transparent reputation and a long history.

We have been working in the field of construction equipment for over 10 years, and we offer our customers only high-quality solutions to fulfill their tasks.

Purchasing disk milling machines from us is a combination of a number of competitive advantages:

  • Official guarantee. We are confident in the product we offer you. The buyer is given a complete package of documentation, as well as a warranty sheet from the manufacturer.
  • Professional help in choosing. Our experts will help you decide on a suitable model of equipment, as well as tell you in detail about the operating conditions.
  • Delivery capability. You do not have to break away from your business and come to the warehouse to pick up the equipment - we ourselves will deliver it to the specified address. Delivery is carried out both in Moscow and throughout the region. If necessary, we will send to other regions through transport companies.
  • Saving money. We work directly with manufacturers, and the goods are delivered through well-established logistics routes. This allows us to provide competitive prices for the range offered.

You can buy a Splitstone milling machine directly on the site.

Payment for goods is accepted both by card and cash.

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