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Trowel Splitstone TS-242E

with ADME 80 C2: 63676 RUB

Designed for grouting, smoothing and leveling concrete on the verge of surface hardening. It can also be used for surface hardening. The main advantage is the use in enclosed spaces and the ability to work from a conventional 220 volt network, which allows grouting screeds in apartments.

TS-242E model

Smoothing disc diameter 600 mm

Tool speed 120 min^-1

Model of electric motor ADME 80 С2

Electric motor power 2.2 kW

Power supply voltage Single-phase 220 V

Dimensions: L 1610 mm x W 615 mm x H 1055 mm

With folded carrier: L 1035 mm x W 615 mm x H 1095 mm

Weight: 72 kg

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