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Buy troweling discs

Trowel disk 900 Ice water (Russia)
Trowel disk 900 Ice water (Russia)
4500 RUB
Trowel disk 605 Fibrapol (China)
Trowel disk 605 Fibrapol (China)
4500 RUB
Trowel disk 900 Fibrapol (China)
Trowel disk 900 Fibrapol (China)
6000 RUB
Trowel disk 900 VTS (Italy)
Trowel disk 900 VTS (Italy)
7500 RUB
Trowel disc 36 for CT36 and CRT36 Wacker Neuson 5000200951
Trowel disc 36 for CT36 and CRT36 Wacker Neuson 5000200951
7500 RUB

Buy troweling discs in Moscow

Trowels are essential for concrete surface treatment.

With this equipment it becomes smooth and perfectly flat.

Machines allow you to remove various roughness and other defects that still remain after applying a concrete layer.

Even a highly skilled craftsman cannot avoid such things.

Trowels are important components of these machines.

They allow you to smooth out uneven concrete floors.

Such discs are used for rough grouting or when working with floors in industrial premises.

Some elements are relevant for finishing concrete.


Trowel discs are dish-shaped tools.

They are used to get rid of various irregularities, curvatures and sagging.

Such devices are necessary to prepare the concrete surface for further processing or operation.

The exact choice of disc depends on the trowel technique used.

Usually the diameter of these products can vary within 600-1200 mm.

The most common are discs for 900 mm machines.

It is noteworthy that these consumables for concrete grouting are suitable for single-rotor and double-rotor models.

Steel or plastic is used as materials for making discs.

High quality steel elements can last for a long time.

They are resistant to wear and good at eliminating uneven concrete surfaces.


Trowelling technique is used in solving various construction tasks, including:

  • pouring screeds;
  • installation of a concrete floor;
  • road works.

With the help of troweling equipment, it is possible to significantly improve the surface quality.

After processing, it becomes smooth and even.

It is important to find the right equipment and tools.

It is essential that the machine and disk are suitable for the tasks that you need to solve.

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