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Roofing cutter

Roofing cutter Splitstone (Splitstone) 310x60x7x5x25,4x2 roofing 90 carbide
Roofing cutter Splitstone (Splitstone) 310x60x7x5x25,4x2 roofing 90 carbide
2900 RUB

Buy a roof cutter in Moscow

Special mechanical cutters are used to remove the old coating when repairing soft roofs.

As a consumable, you need to buy a carbide roof cutter.

This knife with four blades works like a circular saw.

It is this tool that cuts the old flooring to replace it with new flooring.

What should be considered in order to buy a roof cutter with the required characteristics?

Basically two parameters:

- diameter, on which the depth of cut depends;

- the quality of the metal, on which the knife resource depends.

For example: with a cutter diameter of 310 mm, the cutting depth will be 90 mm, and a knife with a diameter of 350 mm will cut the roof by 120 mm.

Make sure that the cutting tool does not come into contact with the concrete floor. Quality is simple.

It is better to buy a more expensive roofing cutter, which will last a long time, than to buy a Chinese fake, which will break in the first meters of work.

If you are not sure if you can make the right choice, contact a consultant.

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