Roofing cutter

Roofing cutter Splitstone roof 90
Roofing cutter Splitstone roof 90
4000 RUB
Roofing cutter Splitstone roof 180
Roofing cutter Splitstone roof 180
6500 RUB
Roofing cutter Splitstone roof 270
Roofing cutter Splitstone roof 270
8270 RUB

Buy a roofing cutter in Moscow

Renovation of the roof begins with the removal of the old coating.

Functional and compact cutters come to the aid of craftsmen, for which you need to buy a roofing cutter, depending on the type of coating.

Construction equipment kit provides high-performance dismantling of old pavement on flat roofs.

Operation of roof cutters

Cutters are made of carbide materials, but are consumables.

They are round knives with two, four or six blades.

The cutting segments are laser-welded to the edges for high strength.

Mechanical cutters with installed carbide cutters cut compressed roofing material, bitumen, soft tiles, slag wool and all kinds of substrates.

Tool Features:

  • Resistant to touching the concrete base or objects hidden under the layers.
  • A wide range for different tasks.
  • Tight, tight mount that reduces wobble and vibration during rotation.

Before starting work, you should choose the right nozzle depending on the density of the flooring, the amount of work and the intensity of cutting.

You need to make sure that the cutting disc is installed correctly.

Each model has a long service life and can be used until the cutting segments are completely erased.

In this case, the diameter gradually decreases and regular replacement is required.

However, if cracks appear, they must be replaced immediately, otherwise it threatens to break the tool.

Variety of cutting tools

There are several models in the assortment.

Russian Splitstone tools, which are distinguished by a high resource and wear resistance, have gained great popularity.

The catalog contains three main categories by the number of blades:

  • Two-bladed - resource up to 90 m2, speed up to 0.2 m2/min, intended for small volumes.
  • Four-blade - resource up to 180 m2, speed up to 0.26 m2/min, universal, intended for most tasks.
  • Six-bladed - resource up to 300 m2, speed up to 0.36 m2/min, productive, focused on large volumes of work.

Four-blade tools are universal, they are most often used on almost all types of roofs.

Six-blade carbide cutters are already entering the field of industrial performance tools.

They have the highest cutting speed, but they can only work on powerful gasoline cutters from 9 hp

When choosing consumables, other parameters should be considered:

  • Diameter - affects the depth of cut.
  • Metal - affects strength.

At the same time, both parameters ensure the durability of one cutter.

Usage is allowed until the cutting edges are completely erased.

And the stronger the metal, the more material can be cut.

The presented Splitstone models with a diameter of 310 mm are intended for cutting to a depth of 90 mm.

It is necessary to first study the roof in order to choose the right tools for the job.

Despite the fact that the cutters are resistant to single touches of the concrete pavement, constant interaction should not be allowed.

If the depth is less than 90 mm, then you need to properly adjust the cutter itself by changing the height of the lower point of the cutting part.

At the same time, as you erase the edges, you should gradually lower them.

Splitstone brand tools attract a lot of attention in the construction segment.

Russian manufacturer providing high quality and uninterrupted supply of consumables for their tools.

The cutters are standardized, so the 25.4 mm diameter seat allows them to be installed on all common models of roof cutters.

Tools are suitable for various operating conditions, temperature conditions and material density.

With Splitstone cutters, cutting is allowed without the supply of technical water to the working area.

Although it is recommended to follow the instructions and recommendations from the manufacturer.

Today, in the construction segment, the choice in favor of Russian tools and consumables is reliability and uninterrupted supplies.

They have proven themselves on the positive side in the opinion of many professionals in Moscow and other cities.

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