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Roofing cutter Splitstone roof 90

This cutting tool is used to remove old coatings when repairing soft roofs.

Solid carbide cutter Splitstone 310x60x7x5x25,4x2 was developed by a Russian manufacturer and is very popular among construction professionals in Moscow due to its high quality and reasonable price.

Design Features

The two blades of the 310x60x7x5x25,4x2 for Splitstone Roof Cutters are laser-welded with carbide cutting segments.

Thanks to this feature, the tool is able to withstand contact with a concrete base without significant damage.

Also, there will be no fatal meeting with objects that accidentally found themselves in the thickness of the soft roof.

Maximum working depth of cut - 100 mm with a total tool diameter of 310 mm.

The 25.4 mm seat makes it possible to work on all standard Splitstone soft roof cutters.

Thanks to the use of high quality materials, this tool has a high performance and a long resource.

If necessary, it is possible to cut a soft roof without supplying technical water to the working area.

Practical Application

Our proposed Splitstone carbide cutter 310x60x7x5x25,4x2 is designed to remove the soft bitumen coating of roofs of buildings and structures for various purposes.

Professional builders in Moscow use this tool when replacing or repairing a soft roof with a thickness of about 90 mm.

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