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STIHL HP two-stroke engine oil 100 ml 07813198401
STIHL HP two-stroke engine oil 100 ml 07813198401
400 RUB
Stihl HP Oil 20 ml Mineral 07813198400
Stihl HP Oil 20 ml Mineral 07813198400
150 RUB

Buy lubricants at a bargain price in Moscow

Our company is interested in the rented chainsaws, gas drills, wall cutters, pumps, gasoline vibrating plates, generators and brushcutters to be refueled and lubricated with the highest quality fuels and lubricants.

In this section of the catalog, the user will be able to select and at a reasonable cost to buy lubricants that are necessary for the operation of the rented equipment, and are recommended for use by its manufacturer.

Main functions of lubricants

All motorized tools and assemblies need lubrication.

When operating complex motor equipment, it is important to regularly maintain it and use high-quality fuel and lubricants in operation.

Only by following these simple rules, it is possible to ensure stable performance, extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

Liquid and grease lubricants used in motorized technical equipment form a thin oil film on the metal surface.

The presence of lubricant eliminates dry friction in the contact zone and the associated processes of overheating and destruction of parts.

The right lubricant has many important functions:

  • Protects rubbing parts from wear.
  • Seals existing process gaps.
  • Normalizes the temperature regime of the tool.
  • Prevents corrosion processes.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Extends the life of rubbing parts and the unit as a whole.

A high-quality engine lubricant differs from a mediocre one in that it is removed from the working surfaces more slowly and has special additives in its composition.

These substances reduce the formation of carbon deposits, help to more efficiently remove heat and clean parts from fuel combustion products.

High-quality fuels and lubricants for refueling and service of tools with a gasoline engine

We are handing over to tenants a technician that has undergone appropriate maintenance and is completely ready for work.

But the user will have to take care of regular lubrication of some components, for example chainsaw chains.

To do this, he will have to regularly add oil to a special refueling container, and monitor the health of the system, which can become clogged and not provide lubricant to the chain links.

But the most important condition for the correct operation of a motorized tool is the preparation of a quality fuel mixture.

The STIHL HP oil in this catalog is recommended for all 2-stroke petrol engines.

It is mixed with fuel in a 1:50 ratio.

If necessary, you can get detailed advice on the selection and use of lubricants for a rented tool from our technical specialists.

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