Rent a roof cutter

Free delivery to legal entities!
Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 900 RUB

6 – 16 days = 800 RUB

17 and more = 700 RUB

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Free delivery to legal entities!

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Roofer post
Roofer post
from 700 rub/day
Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 2500 RUB

6 – 16 days = 2400 RUB

17 and more = 2300 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

Free delivery to legal entities!

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Electric roof cutter Splitstone CR-147E
Electric roof cutter Splitstone CR-147E
from 2300 rub/day
Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 3000 RUB

6 – 16 days = 2900 RUB

17 and more = 2800 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

Free delivery to legal entities!

To rent
Gasoline Roof Cutter Splitstone CR-149
Gasoline Roof Cutter Splitstone CR-149
from 2800 rub/day

Rent a roof cutter in Moscow

Roof cutter rental

Dismantling the old insulating layer, and especially bituminous material, is a complex and time-consuming process.

It requires not only professional experience, but also specialized equipment.

An ordinary sealer simply will not cope with the task, and the tool can easily fail due to non-core work.

Renting a roof cutter from the Splitstone manufacturer is an effective solution to all problems.

Outwardly, the unit is in many ways similar to classic seam cutters, but it has a lot of design differences.

We will tell you which ones, after which you can rent equipment from our company.

Splitstone roof cutter differences

The first and most fundamental difference is roof cutter.

It rotates in the opposite direction from the movement of the floor cutter, which changes the overall mechanism of the tool.

Such a cutter ensures long and productive work on the site, since it is protected by a special casing that prevents aggressive contact with bitumen particles and roof residues.

Splitstone roofing cutters can work intensively for a long period of time.

Equipment practically does not need rest - this significantly speeds up the entire construction process.

It is worth noting that special cutters remove sludge as efficiently as possible.

High-quality carbide solderings provide high service life and performance.

A powerful engine is able to cut even an old bituminous roof with the remains of a cement screed, and a variety of cutters allows you to choose the perfect option for even the most difficult task.

With Splitstone carvers, you can complete any task.

They are also useful for creating decorative branches in an already finished house project.

Note that Splitstone roof cutters weigh much less than all their competitors.

Equipment can be easily delivered to the roof without the use of loading equipment.

At the same time, it will be a pleasure to work with such an easy installation - the operator practically does not exert physical effort to move the equipment.

What tasks can a Splitstone roof cutter handle

Renting a Splitstone roof cutter will be the best option for repairing and renovating an old bituminous roof.

In experienced hands, the equipment can show real miracles of speed and endurance.

Splitstone equipment copes with the following tasks:

  • Smooth cutting of the old thermal insulation layer. The unit will cut any heat-insulating material, and with the right choice of model, it is not afraid of even cement residues and other dense delaminations.
  • Performing markup for future work. With one move, you can design the entire renovation plan at once.
  • Cutting out and dismantling unnecessary structures. Performed with extreme precision.

Renting a Splitstone gasoline roof cutter will allow you to achieve the perfect joint width.

Edge convergence is eliminated and the cutting depth can be individually adjusted from 0 to 100 mm.

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