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Electric roof cutter Splitstone CR-147E

Professional equipment allows you to quickly and efficiently replace the old roofing.

Splitstone cutter CR-147E is chosen by masters for working with various types of soft roofing - roofing material, bitumen, thermal insulation materials.

The equipment of the Russian brand combines proven technological solutions, and consumables for it are delivered without failures at affordable prices.

A number of advantages have been achieved in the updated model:

  • Improved structural stability ensures accurate cutting.
  • Added handwheel allows finer cutter height adjustment.
  • Detachable carrier for easy transport.

The CR-147E Splitstone Roof Cutter has a 5500W motor.

Reliable and economical electric motor powered by 380 V.

Cutting soft roofing is carried out by cutter two-, four- and six-bladed, with a speed of over 3000 rpm.

The handwheel precisely sets the depth depending on the wear. The maximum immersion is 90 mm.

The productivity of the device reaches 0.2 m2/min.

A specialist for an hour of work with a cutter and a set of cutters is able to process up to 10-12 m2.

Splitstone equipment is easy to maintain, unpretentious and productive.

Renting an electric cutter Splitstone CT-147E allows you to remove the old roofing in a short time and prepare the surface for repair.

Rent discount is applicable for the whole rent term.
Settlement is calculated upon return.

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Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 3000 RUB

6 – 16 days = 2900 RUB

17 and more = 2800 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

Free delivery to legal entities!

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Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 900 RUB

6 – 16 days = 800 RUB

17 and more = 700 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

Free delivery to legal entities!

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