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Rental period, collateral, rules of acquiring equipment for rent, delivery

Please note

If you plan to return equipment through the third party, You will have to draw up a Power of Attorney to make mutual settlements on your behalf.

Otherwise, You will have to be present when equipment is being returned.

You may download the form of a Power of Attorney here

Minimal rental period of equipment is 1 (one) day.

The time of dispatch shall be specified in the rental agreement. We add 5 additional hours to the 24 hours of rental period to allow for the transportation schedule. In fact, 1 (one) day of rent will consist of 29 hours.

Please account for this when returning the equipment.

Should you fail to return equipment (run out of time), we will begin counting the next day.

Rules of acquiring equipment for rent

In order to obtain required equipment for rent, it is necessary to:

  1. Find out over the phone if equipment is available (we can make a reservation for up to 3 hours).
  2. Have your passport with you (see terms of collateral above) and required monetary funds (see rental cost table).
  3. Arrive at the warehouse (see contacts).
  4. Make sure that equipment is clean and functioning properly.
  5. Sign equipment rental agreement.
  6. Make a payment for collateral and equipment rent for the whole rental period.
  7. Attend brief orientation on Safety rules.


Amount of collateral indicated in the table is valid only for the residents of Moscow and its suburbs (i.e. those who have registered address there).

Registration, patents and other documents (except for the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation) shall not serve as the basis for preferential collateral.

Persons who do not permanently reside (i.e. those not having registered address in Moscow or Moscow region) shall pay the full value of collateral.

This rule may apply to the residents of Moscow and its region as well. Decision will be taken by the Manager at the time of providing equipment and will depend on the credit history and conformity of the lessee.


If needed You may use equipment delivery service. This will save your time and hustle.

Delivery cost is 1,500 rubles in Moscow. Delivery outside Moscow will cost 30 rubles per kilometer. Delivery service cost equals the delivery cost.

In that case you won’t have to come to the warehouse. Delivery is paid one way. Delivery service cost equals the delivery cost.

Rental agreement will be drawn up by the transportation company driver at your location. You will have to coordinate time, place and cost of delivery.

Loading and unloading of equipment at your location shall be done by the Lessee. Delivery timing will be coordinated with the transportation company driver.