Power copper cable

Power cable KGtp-KhL
Power cable KGtp-KhL
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Buy power copper cable in Moscow

Cable products with copper conductors are represented in our product catalog by many models that differ in the number and cross-section of conductors, the type of internal insulation, as well as the type and material of the outer protective sheath.

Depending on the production task, we can select and purchase a power cable with one, two, three, four or five copper cores and outer and inner insulating sheaths made of rubber or PVC compound.


Depending on the design features and main technical characteristics, a power copper cable can be used for single or group laying of power supply networks for residential and industrial buildings, installation of lighting systems and connection of stationary or mobile actuators, mechanisms and electrical appliances.

The power cable with copper conductors with a cross section of 1.5 or 2.5 mm2 is intended for the device of power supply circuits of installations designed for operation at AC voltages up to 0.66 or 1 kV, respectively.

Models with current-carrying copper conductors with a cross section of up to 240 mm2 are used for mounting power supply lines with a current load of consumers up to 477A.

Design Features

In order to meet the needs of customers as much as possible, our company sells power copper cable of almost all the most popular modifications.

The main differences between different models of this type of cable products are:

  • Number of conductors: 1 to 5.
  • The material of the internal insulation of the conductors: rubber or polyvinyl chloride.
  • Structure of copper conductors: solid or stranded.
  • Type and material of the outer shell: rubber or PVC.
  • The presence or absence of an outer armor shell.
  • Form factor: flat or round cable.

In addition, in the manufacture of insulation of conductors and the outer sheath, PVC compounds and rubber with special properties can be used.

Including: non-combustible or non-flammable compositions, as well as materials with reduced smoke and harmful emissions during a fire.

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