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Buy power cable KGtp-KhL

Name Price m RUB. Price opt m RUB.
KGtp-KhL 1x6 180 171
KGtp-KhL 1x25 269 256
KGtp-KhL 1x35 375 356
KGtp-KhL 1x50 522 496
KGtp-KhL 1x70 755 717
KGtp-KhL 1x95 967 919
KGtp-KhL 3х1.5 65.6 62
KGtp-KhL 3х2.5 96.5 92
KGtp-KhL 3х4 152 144
KGtp-KhL 4х1.5 83.6 79
KGtp-KhL 4х2.5 125 119
KGtp-KhL 4х4 190 181
KGtp-KhL 4х16 711 675
KGtp-KhL 4х25 1086 1032
KGtp-KhL 4х35 1401 1331

Power cable KGtp-KhL

This electrical product meets the state requirements, which is recorded in the certificates and attached documents.

This conductor is positioned as an insulated frost-resistant power cable with a single conductor cross section of 16 sq. mm from copper.

It has an outer coating of thermoplastic elastomer.

How to buy this cable

The KGtp-KhL cable is sold wholesale and retail to individuals and corporate clients.

Available forms of payment: cash or bank transfer.

We ship the goods within 48 hours from the receipt of funds.

We deliver in Moscow and Moscow Region by our own transport.

We work with regions through transport organizations of the customers choice.

The price of the KGtp-KhL cable is dynamically adjusted according to the current exchange price of copper.

The exchange rate also affects the cost.

The price must be checked with managers directly at the time of the transaction.

Discounts apply depending on the volume of the order. The actual price can be found by placing an order on the website.

Include a related product in your shopping cart: this will positively affect the amount of the discount.

category:Power copper

Due to the unstable exchange rate, prices may differ from the price list.

Check with your managers!

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