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Buy cable (wire) in Moscow

Customers may need special cable products to work with equipment purchased or rented from us.

Usually, in order to buy a cable in Moscow, you have to waste time moving and tediously waiting for shipment at the supplier's warehouses.

To simplify the procedure and help you choose and buy a cable at a bargain price without traveling around the city, we have included the most popular names of this product group in our assortment.

Wires and cables for construction and industrial needs

Rented equipment may have all the cables necessary for connection and operation included.

But in some cases, if we are talking about machines and mechanisms that belong to the category of movable actuators and are installed at a distance from power distribution panels, the required cable footage has to be purchased separately.

Cables and wires, which are consumables, cannot also be rented.

So, when renting a transformer for heating concrete in frost, the customer will have to additionally buy a wire for a special “warm-up” purpose, since at the end of the work it will completely remain in the mass of the hardened building structure.

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