Buy heating wire PNSV

PNSV 1.2 wire (for concrete heating transformers)
PNSV 1.2 wire (for concrete heating transformers)
2500 RUB

Buy heating wire PNSV

Inexpensive single-core insulated wire of the PNSV brand was designed specifically for use in the construction industry and is used to heat the masses of concrete poured into the formwork at low temperatures.

The need to purchase a PNSV wire is relevant for customers who have decided to rent a transformer from us for heating concrete, since after completion of work, the heating cable remains completely in the concrete product.


When concreting building structures during the cold season, it is important to prevent even a short-term freezing of the concrete mix laid in the formwork.

For this purpose, in addition to the common methods of introducing antifreeze chemical additives - reagents into solutions, the technology of heating concrete with the help of special heating cables has been widely used.

Among the many types of cable electrical products for solving this problem, the most optimal in terms of price and physical characteristics is the PNSV single-core wire insulated with polyvinyl chloride.

The heating cable, evenly laid inside the formwork and fixed to the reinforcement grid with strong polymer ties, is connected to a step-down transformer with the possibility of step voltage regulation.

Due to the properly selected total resistance of the wire system and the voltage applied to them, it is possible to ensure the release of heat sufficient for setting and gaining concrete the necessary technological strength.

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