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Buy milling machine (multi-blade cutter) Splitstone MCS-615E

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Milling machine (multi-blade cutter) Splitstone MCS-615E

with electric motor: 249727 RUB

The machine is designed to remove sagging and excess concrete formed during the pouring of floors. It is used in cases where it is necessary to quickly and accurately remove a layer of impressive thickness - up to 30 mm, and when it is unprofitable to perform such a task with a conventional mosaic grinder. The milling operation is performed with cutting diamond discs with a diameter of 150 mm. Up to 17 of these discs can be installed on the machine, which provides a processing width of up to 290 mm in one pass.

Model MCS-615E

Diameter of diamond tool 150 mm

Maximum number of disks that can be simultaneously installed on the divider 17 pcs

Maximum cutting depth 30 mm

Maximum cutting width with one disc: 290 mm

Bolt diameter 30 mm

Diamond tool speed 5599 rpm

Model of electric motor ADM 132 М2

Electric motor power 11 kW

Type of current AC, three-phase

Power supply voltage, V 380 V

Water tank capacity 20 l

Transport dimensions: L 815 mm x W 670 mm x H 895 mm

Working dimensions: L 1150 mm x W 670 mm x H 1210 mm

Curb weight - without water 193 kg

with water 213 kg

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