Vibratory plate model selection

The Russian market of construction equipment is rich in offers of vibrating plates of many models and brands - both Russian and foreign.

Manufacturers offer equipment of various price levels and functionality, and it is rather difficult to understand all this diversity without special training.

In our opinion, the choice of a vibrating plate should begin with a study of the nature of the work to be done and the capabilities of the proposed technical means.

Let's list the main selection criteria:

  • Weight of vibratory plate.
  • Drive: petrol or diesel.
  • Forward or reverse model.
  • Manufacturer.

Indeed, before you buy a vibrating plate, you should clarify the desired mass of the unit, the type of drive motor and the need for a reverse stroke mode.

But the most important decision-making criterion is the choice of the vibrating plate manufacturer.

With the same technical data, equipment from different brands may differ in cost, reliability, performance and average service life.

Practice shows that expensive models are not always the best. It doesn't matter if you bought a cheap vibrating plate or the most expensive one.

All of them have both positive and negative sides.

Technical and economic justification for choosing a vibrating plate

By contacting any specialized company or store for a purchase, you will learn from sellers, managers and consultants about the many advantages of the proposed vibrating plates.

But no representative of the trading organization will be completely frank with you.

The seller will probably keep silent about possible operational problems and typical malfunctions of certain models.

Moreover, he will not be able or will not want to tell you the time frame during which it will be possible to find the necessary spare parts and repair the failed vibrating plate.

Having asked a fair question where you can collect all the necessary technical information that will help you make an informed choice of a vibrating plate, contact us.

Who, if not the staff of a company that regularly rents vibratory plates, can know the peculiarities of their behavior in various operational situations.

We will help you choose and buy a vibrating plate based on the following components of the solution:

  • Set production tasks.
  • The operating conditions of the equipment.
  • The skill level of the operator.
  • Service costs.
  • Prices and availability of spare parts and consumables.
  • Desired purchase budget.

A potential buyer may have a completely fair question - how do we know all these subtleties?

How to buy a vibrating plate without overpayment and the risk of premature failure

Only companies of our profile, through which many units of the most diverse construction equipment pass, have the opportunity to accumulate and process statistics of its failures.

Rental companies collect data on the goals and features of the tasks for which customers rent vibrating plates, and also keep records of the results and customer feedback on the operation of the equipment.

It is valuable for us that we receive such information not only from professionals, but also from entry-level amateur craftsmen.

In addition, rental companies have to constantly monitor the state of the market and the prices of all necessary spare parts, as well as the timing of their possible delivery.

This is necessary because construction equipment repair is an important part of our business.

Having made our choice and offering Splitstone vibrating plates to customers, we do not claim that models of other manufacturers similar in characteristics are in some way inferior to the products of this Russian brand.

Each equipment has both advantages and disadvantages.

Helping you choose a vibrating plate, we are ready to assure you that the proposed models will not bring you any special problems, and in case of any malfunctions, they can be quickly and inexpensively repaired.

To be convinced of this, it is enough to visit our office and examine the technical condition of our rental fund.

What you see will help you appreciate the experience we have gained in the rental market, as well as the ability to select models of equipment that are the best in terms of price - quality - maintainability.

Having discussed all the questions of interest with our consultants, you will surely find out how to buy a vibrating plate of decent quality, with a minimum of weaknesses and an affordable cost of spare parts.

You can read more about choosing a vibrating plate on other pages of our site.

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