Address: 121357 Moscow
Ul. Generala Dorokhova 10D
Business hours:

8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 7 days a week

Tower scaffold hire, a tower scaffold for rent

Cost of lease (rent):

to 2 - 14 days = 450 RUB

to 15 - 30 days = 400 RUB

from 31 days = 350 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

To rent
Scaffolding tower VSP 250
Scaffolding tower VSP 250
from 350 rub/day

Helpful Tips

Tower scaffold hire, a tower scaffold for rent

Works at height are often performed in modern building with a movable scaffolding, namely tower scaffold.

Please note!

Minimum hire period: 2 days.

Download Aris tower scaffold assembly instructions
Download Aris tower scaffold compliance certificate and passport
In case of hire term over 1 month, hire charge rate and deposit amount are subject to special negotiations.

Tower scaffold hire

In this type of equipment, durability of fixed scaffolding marries mobility of stepladder.

These equipment features make tower scaffold hire a popular service in Moscow and oblast.

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