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Scaffolding rental

Cost of lease (rent):

to 100 m/2 = 95 RUB

to 500 m/2 = 65 RUB

to 1000 m/2 = 55 RUB

over 1000 m/2 = 50 RUB

Cost of collateral = 70/m2 RUB

Full price is = 210/m2 RUB

To rent
Outdoor Scaffolding LRSP 40
Outdoor Scaffolding LRSP 40
from 50 rub/day
Cost of lease (rent):

to 100 m/2 = 100 RUB

to 500 m/2 = 80 RUB

to 1000 m/2 = 68 RUB

over 1000 m/2 = 68 RUB

Cost of collateral = 80/m2 RUB

Full price is = 240/m2 RUB

To rent
Outdoor Scaffolding LRSP 60
Outdoor Scaffolding LRSP 60
from 68 rub/day

Helpful Tips

Rent of the construction woods price

Scaffolding is a special equipment that is vital for works at height.

Please note!

Specified pricing (scaffolding rental prices) is approximate and depend on amount of utilities, so it can vary within 15-20% of specified values.

Please contact our manager to confirm.

Scaffolding hire, frame scaffolding hire, scaffolding rental

This pavement equipment is designed as a spatial framing structure.

Its utilities are made of steel that provides high carrying capacity of the equipment.

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