Roof burner rental

Free delivery to legal entities!
Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 900 RUB

6 – 16 days = 800 RUB

17 and more = 700 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

Free delivery to legal entities!

To rent
Roofer post
Roofer post
from 700 rub/day

Roof burner rental in Moscow

Roof burner rental

Do you do roofing?

Interested in purchasing a quality and complete set of roofing equipment?

Renting a roofing burner from Berinaprokat will solve your problem.

The tool is used to heat and melt bituminous materials, allowing fast and efficient laying of roll and mastic materials.

We offer reliable equipment from international brands, which is very popular among professional roofers.

Why rent a roof burner

A gas burner is a versatile tool used for a wide variety of tasks.

In addition to roofing, it can also be used in other areas:

  • heating and drying of various surfaces - laying the floor in industrial workshops, working with specific materials, etc.;
  • welding - the torch will significantly increase their efficiency and improve contact with certain materials;
  • removal of the old layer of paint - with the help of a burner, this process will speed up at times, it is enough just to singe the old layer;
  • processing of seams during the installation of building material;
  • metal cutting - including soldering, welding.

However, roofing remains the main area of application.

The fact is that almost all types of roofing materials are difficult to glue, which makes it impossible to complete the tasks.

The roofing burner helps out, which heats up the material and makes it more plastic, easy to install.

Who might need to rent a roof burner

Our equipment is rented by both professional construction teams and private masters of various profiles.

We work with the largest construction companies in the city and always fulfill our obligations with high quality.

It is often more profitable to rent a roofing burner than to buy a tool for use.

So you will speed up the process of performing work without any special financial costs, and you will not have to constantly service the purchased tool.

You can take as many roof burner kits as you need.

We offer a complete layout of both small construction projects and large-scale industrial complexes.

How a roof burner works

Propane burners are built on the same principle.

Their functionality is provided by gas cylinders, which, in the presence of a special gearbox, produce a stable flame.

The complete burner device looks like this:

  • nozzle;
  • trunk;
  • propane tank;
  • lever;
  • flame valve;
  • gas supply valve;
  • handle.

The burner is connected to the cylinder using hoses, and their maximum length should not exceed 15 meters.

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