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Welding generator rental

Gas generator Generator Welding generator
Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 1 800 RUB

6 – 16 days = 1 700 RUB

17 and more = 1 600 RUB

Cost of collateral = 30 000 RUB

Full price is = 145 000 RUB

To rent
Portable Power Welding set SDMO VX 220/7,5 H-C
Portable Power Welding set SDMO VX 220/7,5 H-C
from 1 600 rub/day

Welding generator rental services

Welding generator rental

Is it necessary to provide welding work at an object remote from electrical networks?

In such a situation, renting a welding generator is the best solution. These installations are sometimes referred to as standalone or gasoline welding.

The main difference between the welding gas generator is the parameters of the generated current.

In particular, stable voltage. Conventional portable power plants generate currents with large fluctuations in voltage.

This is not acceptable for electric arc welding.

A rental welding generator has built-in components that convert alternating current to direct current.

This allows the voltage to be stabilized. The direct current is then converted to alternating current.

In this way, an alternating current with constant voltage is supplied to the input of the welding machine for high-quality welding.

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