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Rent an electric seam cutter

Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 1500 RUB

6 – 16 days = 1400 RUB

17 and more = 1300 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

To rent
Floor saw Splitstone CS 144 E electric
Floor saw Splitstone CS 144 E electric
from 1300 rub/day
Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 2700 RUB

6 – 16 days = 2600 RUB

17 and more = 2500 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

To rent
Floor saw Splitstone CS 2415 E electric
Floor saw Splitstone CS 2415 E electric
from 2500 rub/day
Cost of lease (rent):

1 – 5 days = 3000 RUB

6 – 16 days = 2900 RUB

17 and more = 2800 RUB

Specify the prices by phone!!!

To rent
Floor saw Splitstone CS 3215 E electric
Floor saw Splitstone CS 3215 E electric
from 2800 rub/day

Rental services for electric seam cutters

Rent an electric seam cutter

If the task is to cut concrete or asphalt, professional equipment comes to the rescue - seam cutters.

Most tenants in this case prefer to rent a gasoline seam cutter, since it can work autonomously and does not require any manipulation to connect it.

But it often happens that in certain conditions it is necessary to use an electric unit.

When this happens and why an electric seam cutter is better than a gasoline one - in our material today.

When you may need an electric seam saw

Why do many builders choose an electric seam saw, because it is difficult to connect and requires electricity to operate?

This is due to the characteristics of the site where construction work is to be carried out.

For example, gasoline equipment cannot be used indoors due to safety standards.

During operation, it emits unfavorable fumes, so the unit can only be used in open areas.

The electric seam cutter has no such restrictions - it can be freely used on any objects.

Another disadvantage of a gasoline cutter is excessive noise during operation.

In some places this may not be acceptable, for example, if we are talking about the reconstruction of a residential building.

Then the only option will be an electric model.

Why an electric seam saw is better than a gasoline one

Electric joint cutters are superior to their competitors in a number of technical aspects.

Among them it is worth noting:

  • Low vibration level. Working with such equipment will be much easier, and the operator will not have to make any physical effort.
  • High performance. Electric seam cutters are much more productive than similar gasoline models; they can cut up to 150 meters of material per hour.
  • Environmentally friendly. Electric seam cutters do not contain gas.
  • Simultaneously supports horizontal and vertical cutting (on some models). Gasoline cutters do not have this option.
  • Easy to maintain. Electric models do not require additional control and almost never break down.
Rent an electric seam cutter - 1

Note that due to the presence of a more powerful motor, the weight of electric seam cutters significantly exceeds the weight of gasoline units.

However, during work this is not felt at all; difficulties may only arise with the delivery of equipment to the site, and even then if there are no loading equipment at hand.

The nuances of operating electric seam cutters

Despite all the advantages, the operation of electric units is associated with many problems.

The first of them is insufficient mobility. The equipment is dependent on a power source and cannot be used where it is not available.

The situation is saved by a portable generator, and even then there are significant restrictions on the cable length.

The second problem is the complexity of the connection and the need to create an electrical network.

To do this, there must be an electrician on staff who can connect 380-volt equipment, provide the proper voltage and create a reserve of free power of at least 5-15 kW.

The third problem is stretched cables. They can get in the way and create additional risks on site.

They can be accidentally cut, become easy to trip over, etc.

If you have amateurs working for you, they will leave the cables freely accessible and will not even secure them, which will most likely lead to some kind of incident.

What is the result?

An electric seam cutter is an extremely convenient professional tool that has undeniable advantages over its gasoline counterpart.

If there is a choice, it is better to choose it.

But only if you can provide the correct operating conditions, and the operating personnel have already had experience working with similar equipment.

Do you want to rent an electric seam saw, but don’t know which model to choose and how to correctly calculate the power?

Write us via chat or call our contact phone number - we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

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