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Mobile fan Master DF 36

The main purpose of this device is to increase air circulation in the room.

In construction, the Master DF 36 mobile fan is used to increase the efficiency of equipment for drying, heating or cooling air, objects.

This device is also used in many other areas: warehouse business, photo and video production, theater arts, car repair and other equipment.

Benefits of using

Advantages of the Master DF 36 mobile fan:

  • Air flow control,
  • The ability to rotate 360 ??degrees,
  • Housing made of durable materials
  • Convenient transport wheels and handle.

The high performance of the device allows you to effectively solve a variety of tasks.

At the maximum, the fan provides an air flow of up to 13,200 m3 per hour.

Power is supplied from a conventional 220-volt electrical network, which allows the Master DF 36 to be used at almost any facility.

Practical Application

Professionals order rent of Master DF 36 mobile fans for solving a variety of tasks:

  • Ventilation of premises against strong odors,
  • Providing forced air flow,
  • Speeding up drying, heating or cooling,
  • Simulate the wind in photo studios, theaters, filming, weddings and other events,
  • Engine cooling in garages.

By ordering a mobile fan Master DF 36 for rent in our company, the client will receive a high quality service.


Rent discount is applicable for the whole rent term.
Settlement is calculated upon return.

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